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COMES WITH BAGGAGE – The Vintage Clutch: Reclaimed! Recaptured! Released!

Founded by Lori Levine, Comes with Baggage is a salvage mission to unearth incredible bags that deserve to be seen and heard. Not stashed and forgotten. The funding for the line originated from Levine's desire to de-clutter her overgrown wardrobe. She reduced her closet by one third and sold it all on eBay. Within a year, Lori became a power seller and used these reclaimed monies to fund what is now Comes With Baggage. 

With her meticulous eye and quirky taste, Levine travels the world obsessively searching for bags with the perfect shape, size, color, and fabric. Here she offers this carefully curated collection of clutches that refuse to sit quietly!

The Comes With Baggage brain-trust is comprised of snark-specialists who spend their days writing what you think, but would never dare to speak. You don't have to have the balls to say it out loud … we’ll say it for you!


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